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ACS Habitat Management offers clients a wide range of habitat restoration services with in-house crews and equipment.  With decades of experience in the field, ACS Habitat Management is your one-stop shop for all your habitat restoration and management needs.

· Invasive Non-native Plant Control

· Native Plant Re-Vegetation

· Biomass Reduction & Removal

· GIS Data Collection & Management

· Full Restoration/Weed Control Reports

· Vegetation Management Plans

ACS Habiat Management is proud to provide clients with excellent success rates in managing exotic invasive plants.  Using our skilled crews, backpack sprayers, power sprayers, broadcast sprayers and various application techniques, we successfully control plants in a wide variety of habitats:

- Riparian

- Coastal/Dune

- Wetland/Estuary

- Upland

We provide vegetation restoration services which include:

- propagating seedlings and

cuttings at our own facility

- planting

- watering & scheduled maintenance.

Using both rubber tire and track-mounted tractors, chainsaws, dump trucks, flail mowers and hand-crews, ACS Habitat Management provide full-service biomass reduction and/or removal.

Using the latest ESRI ArcGIS software, sub-meter GPS devices and rugged field tablet PCs, ACS Habitat Management fully equipped to provide:

· GIS Data Collection in the field

· Geodatabase design and management/metadata

· Cartographic services for reports and presentations

The firm has extensive experience in providing monthly, quarterly and annual progress reports for ongoing contracts.  In addition, our final reports are completed in-house with all photos, maps and statistics being provided by our experienced staff.

ACS Habitat Management not only provides the man-power to complete restoration projects on the ground, we also assist our clients in developing long-term vegetation management plans using GIS data, vegetation surveys, historical data and good judgment.