ACS Habitat Management is recognized as one of the leading wildland invasive non-native species control and habitat restoration companies in the southwestern United States having performed wildland weed control since 1980.  ACS Habitat Management has developed and implemented innovative approaches that achieve high rates of control of target non-native species, while achieving minimal impacts to natural resources.  The firm is a self-certified small business, holds a California Contractor’s License and staffs California licensed Pesticide Control Applicators and Pest Control Advisors.

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Text Box: Certificates and Qualifications
California Landscape Contractors License
California Pest Control License
California Pest Control Adviser
California Association of Pest Control Advisers (CAPCA)
California Invasive Plant Council (Cal-IPC)
California Society for Ecological Restoration (SERCAL)
California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA)

ACS Habitat Mangement has extensive experience implementing invasive non-native plant control treatments in sensitive habitats.  These include riparian, estuary, wetland, coastal sage scrub, and other occupied habitats.  Treatment and restoration crews work closely with biological monitors to ensure no negative impacts occur to threatened and endangered species.  Targeted invasive non-native species control has included large-scale control of Arundo donax, Tamarix spp., Lepidium latifolium, Ricinus communis, Cortaderia spp., Cynara cardunculus, Foeniculum vulgare and over 40 other recognized wildland invasive non-native plants.

ACS Habitat Mangement specializes in large-scale control and restoration programs over wildland expanses often covering greater than 100,000 acres per installation.  The company provides a full range of services, including herbicide treatments of plants, biomass reduction using mechanized and hand-held equipment and biomass removal.  Additionally, native re-vegetation services are offered including site preparation, planting native vegetation (containers, cuttings, seed) and maintenance comprised of ruderal weed control and watering (irrigation or hand watering).


With offices in both San Diego and Monterey Counties, ACS Habitat Management performs services throughout San Diego County and Southern California, the Channel Islands, various Central and Northern California counties and Arizona.  The firm has the ability to meet security clearance requirement for access to military locations and currently has employee security clearance for more than a dozen military installations.

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